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HES Mini available @SRPAmericas includes a DC generator and an energy storage system.

It offers seamless integration of multiple power sources with smart energy storage.

Hybrid systems are usually used where there is no grid power, or bad-grid areas where utility power is available for just a few hours of the day.

The HES Mini includes a DC generator (high efficiency variable speed diesel engine & Permanent magnet DC alternator) and an energy storage system (High effieciency Li-Ion batteries).

Renewable energy technologies (e.g. - solar, wind) can be integrated directly to the system without the need for any system upgrades based on site suitability. These 48V solar or wind systems that can be connected directly to the DC bus can minimize the need for regular thermal generation (up to 95% reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions). The amount of useable renewable energy will depend on the location (e.g. – solar radiation & space availability or wind speed and capacity factor), battery storage capacity and the load profile. In applications where renewables can fulfil the energy needs, the diesel generator will only be used in situations that renewable resources are not available for prolonged periods (e.g. weather events).

AC power to conventional loads (e.g.- residences, offices, etc) can be provided through an inverter. The cycle is similar where DC generators supplies AC power through the inverter, while simultaneously charging the batteries. Once the batteries are charged, the generator switches off and the batteries power the load through the inverter. 

An inverter charger can be used in sites where low cost AC power is available for short periods (bad grid), where the AC power can be used to charge the batteries when available.

The engine powers the load and charges the battery. When the battery is charged, the engine shuts down.

When the battery discharges to a predetermined level, the engine restarts.


The HES Mini consists of a powerful engine/battery combination which can be supplemented with wind or solar for an even greener solution.

From remote, off-grid critical power applications to the stabilisation of modern power distributions networks. We focus on the seamless integration of multiple power sources with smart energy storage.




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